August 04, 2017

Spinfire, the Revolutionary New App Where DJs Get Paid & Artists Get Hot

An app to revolutionize club music marketing, now available on both IOS and Android devices


Atlanta, GA-August 7, 2017- Spinfire is a club marketing application available on both IOS and Android platforms that enables musicians and artists to connect with club DJs across the country with a simple click of a button. Through Spinfire, artists can upload their music and access hundreds of DJs who are willing to play their music at the hottest clubs and social events in the country. With this app, novices in the game have the same opportunity as seasoned veterans to get their music heard and gain the recognition they desire. The app is simple and easy to use, free to download and available nationwide with plans to offer it globally October 2017.

The Spinfire mobile application gives artists the ability to market their music in clubs by connecting them with club DJs across the nation to purchase spins on demand. It's a well-needed solution for rising artists to gain the platform they need to showcase their talent. Spinfire is destined to become the industry standard for club promotion and a premiere tool for DJs, artists, and musicians.  The app offers guaranteed, verifiable spins in clubs across the country made possible by our patent pending Proof of Play process.  This type of platform did not exist in the mobile market place until now.  “Our platform fills a major void in the music industry because we give the independent, aspiring artist a direct and proactive way to market music in clubs,” Said Spinfire CEO, ChrisMorgan.  Please visit for more information including frequently asked questions and follow @spinfireapp.  The Spinfire app was developed by Spinfire Inc., a marketing technology company based in Detroit, MI, and was released to the marketplace June 2017.


About Spinfire:

Spinfire is a revolutionary digital club marketing platform where a music artist of any genre can get their single played in any club On Demand.  Through Spinfire, artists gain access to club DJs, local and nationwide, to promote their music and get exposure in the hottest club venues that they choose.  Artists can search for DJs by name, city, or club, make an in-app purchase and submit "Spin Requests" to that Club DJ.  Once the artist's single is played, the DJ will deliver "Proof of Play", which is an in-app video of the artist's song being played in that venue to a live crowd. It's that simple.  The Spinfire app is available for free on both IOS and Android platforms. Visit for more information and follow on social media @spinfireapp.





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